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Intro – Alexander has been heavily involved with EmailMagpie from it’s inception as a co-founder at, when we first started reaching out in dribs and drabs to clients here and there, we thought we were doing well, but it was thinking with scale that bought our businesses to the next level – James

When I first started reaching out,

Seeking partners and affiliates for my first business, I did it manually. I reached out to businesses I knew or was aware of. After the first 50, I started to struggle and realised my data sample was really rather small. So how did I fix it?

Here’s what that use to look like 2 years ago, we were proud of this, but it wasn’t big enough.

We used Trello to organise our leads, and it was all manually found.

I suffered from loss aversion, I hesitated with questions such as if I was wasting my time on finding emails. On average I was hitting 5-10 people a day and then when I finished my lead list I didn’t know what to do. So we figured out a plan.

When we put our heads together we realised we could create a set of tools, and with some careful elbow grease, we could generate lead lists in the hundreds of thousands. We wanted to ensure all our data was quality and over months we fine tuned filters, first 25, then 250, now it sits at 750 sophisticated filters to remove what I like to call the chaff. We set out to make quality, jam packed lead lists.

Within 3 weeks of developing our first tool, we were able to get 50,000 gaming companies to target and all their contact details. After a couple of months, we expanded our tools and had another 100,000 Instagram influencers. Then we built another tool to find all the social media data on those company’s too, so now our lists went from 1 source of value to 7, after we added facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, youtube and instagram data.


Email marketing is about scale, but the hard part is building the list.

When we had the tools, friends asked about having their own lists, and soon enough we found a second business, selling our service. Providing lists of clients or partners that you didn’t even know were out there. We had quality so we offered a 90% guarantee, higher than all others out there. How did we know? Because we found that data this week, not last year.

We checked out the other email list creators, and other email finders and realised we could buy some old data, or find the emails ourselves, but then… it required us knowing what we were looking for. We also didn’t want to buy a subscription.

Most data provider product’s asked us to learn how to find data using their online services, but we just want to sell, we want to market, we want to email, we want to grow – We were done, so we stopped using them. Stop using them, we’ll do it for you. Use a service.

We’ll give you that list you’ve needed, the vertical you wanted, without dragging out quantity over months in a subscription service.

We help you find clients that you didn’t know existed.


So ask yourself, what is your lead list now?

Are you sitting back and waiting for people to reach out to you? Do you have a list of people to help your exposure with outreach marketing? Which businesses could mutually partner with you? Ever wondered if reaching out to a new vertical would work?

Let’s say you are targeting gyms alright, where are you finding them now?

Linkedin, google, facebook… Have I run out yet?

Stop trying to find them on your own, we can find all the builders in a single country, or niche building companies in a single vertical and bam, you have a huge list of builders you can reach out via email, website, or social media.



Concentrate on selling, not finding your audience.

Let’s try another example, you’re looking for Enterprise Software startups globally, you have a SaaS product and want to hit a few, you’ve exhausted your inbound marketing, adwords, linkedin etc. Now what?

Why aren’t you concentrating where their data is?

Their website. We’ll just find 50,000 Enterprise Software startups for you and you won’t have to use google ever again.


Concentrate on marketing, not how to get in front of people.

OK so you’re a consumer product, so who do you need to be in front of? Consumers in your niche. Gaming, fitness… An infinite variety.

You’ve done your adwords, your facebook ads, your affiliate deals with networks, your partnerships and collaborations with other companies, your ad spend was expensive, your ROI wasn’t what you expected, you need to find new channels.

Stop trying to find them, we’ll find you 100,000 social media influencers with between 1000 to 10million followers on any social network, we’ll get their emails, and their profiles. PM or email, it’s up to you. A typical list of 12,000 will have a potential social reach of 25million. Now, are we talking or what?

This is our strength, we’ll point you toward clients that you didn’t know existed, with a little consultancy in a call or email with you, then find all the data you need.

The goal isn’t to 10X your growth, it’s to 100X your growth.

Check out some samples to see what you get, and arrange a call with us.

 Or just arrange a call with me, I’m friendly I promise,


Alex is a partner at and helps grow businesses revenues
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