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Why find emails yourself?.

We are a simple email finding service. We find emails for you, of companies in any vertical, business, geography or people online.

Then deliver 1000s of emails to you, custom tailored.

Stop finding data on your own, use EmailMagpie and we'll build a list you can work for months.





Don’t lift a finger yourself

We create a list

Our B2B experts work to create a lead list that will deliver VALUE to your business. If it’s online we will find it

We find businesses

Using the list we agree on, we’ll find thousands of BUSINESSES online, clean your data with over 250 filters and deliver

We find the emails

We’ll then deliver EMAILs for those businesses, filtering solicitable emails for you to start selling to, today

Emails we’ll find for you

Journalist Finder

We’ll find Journalists for you to reachout to from top publications in your vertical

Business Finder

We’ll find businesses in your target vertical for you to browse and reachout to

Blog Finder

We’ll find blogs and publications in your target vertical for you to talk to

Website Finder

We’ll find websites you’re looking to target in any vertical of interest to you

B2B Email Finder

We’ll create massive email lists of multiple businesses online for you to reachout to

Custom Finder

Got a vertical we haven’t thought of? If it’s online, we’ll find it




    • 3000 targeted emails
    • Or 1 Custom Search
    • URL delivery of sites reached
    • Upto 2 keywords
    • 10 minute targeted consultation

Get Emails



    • 12000 targeted emails
    • URL delivery of sites reached
    • Upto 4 keywords
    • 20 minute targeted consultation

Get Emails



    • 50000 targeted emails
    • URL delivery of sites reached
    • Upto 10 keywords
    • 30 minute targeted consultation
    • If we find less, we’ll refund the extra %

Get Emails


  • We were looking for 2,000 key decision makers in digital agencies, and Email Magpie overdelivered in less than 24h. – www.koui.io/

    Sam Huber - CEO Kout.io
  • Email Magpie helped us find thousands of publicly available emails of journalists within hours and saved us months of manual effort. – www.cityfalcon.com/

    Ruzbeh Bacha - CEO Cityfalcon.com
  • Great team, perfect customer support with attention to detail. Keep up the good work! – www.featuremap.co/

    Tristan Thevin - CEO Featuremap.co
  • Email Magpie helped me find thousands of prospects in our exact target market, which gave our leadgen efforts a big kick-start. – www.satago.com/

    Steven Renwick - CEO Satago

  • Email magpie were extremely attentive and prompt with my requests and offered an abundance of aftercare to ensure those emails would be put to best use. – www.wegym.co.uk/

    Joshua Uwadiae - CEO WeGym
  • As a growth hacker myself, I never would have expected to use a service like Email magpie – However now, it would be the ONLY solution I would ever look at plugging in to! – www.silkroadstudios.org/

    Alex Potter - CMO Silk Road Studios

Our Guarantee


90% Delivery Rate

Because of the way we find emails, we guarantee a 90% FIRST DELIVERY RATE on your order for 1 month, if you can prove not, we’ll make up the difference

Guaranteed Refund

We guarantee fast delivery of your order, you’ll receive your lead lists WITHIN 8 BUSINESS DAYS or if we don’t think we can find the leads you need, your money back

Spam Compliant

We’ll never send you emails you can’t email! We use over 250 filters to clean your data, so ONLY SOLICITABLE B2B EMAILS reach you, never consumers

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Total Websites



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The Magpies

Melissa Walther

Melissa Walther has been working the startup scene from various angles. Is based out of the USA to give us some Atlantic love.

Alex Brown

Alex Brown has been hustling for businesses working in sales and lead generation for 4 years.

James Palmer

James Palmer loves building new products in verticals which are bare or unaddressed, has been building large lead lists for many years.

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